• C Smart

National Novel Writing Month - a great distraction when querying

As I enter my third week in the maw of a particularly vicious chest infection, I've decided to get out of bed and write this post.

Oh I had plans for November, serious plans for National Novel Writing Month. Before I launch into how my plans were replaced with steroids and antibiotics, I'll introduce this phenomenon to any of you who have yet to hear about this rather novel concept. Forgive the poor pun, I'm ill.

So yes, the whole idea behind National Novel Writing Month is to write fifty thousand words. In the month of November. This can be for a new project, an old project, or a project that needs a kick to reach the finish line. If you'd like to read more about the community, click here. The website attached has great support for any of you thinking about signing up and participating. It's never to late to start! Except December. That's definitely too late. So, the sooner you sign up the better is probably what I should have said...

Check out the Twitter feed and hashtag for more support, inspiration, laughs and giggles too.

Back to my plans. The last week of October is half-term for teachers, and in that break I worked hard to ready myself for November. I am currently querying, and immersing myself in a new project whilst trying to survive the querying trenches is advice that I've found everywhere.

So I did.

My goal wasn't to write the 50k, my goal was to distract myself and I can successfully say that having a new task to focus on has helped me to do this.

So whatever your motivation is this November, happy NaNoWriMo2016!