• C Smart

Goodbye 2016

The year isn't over yet, but as it reaches its close I've been thinking about the things the year has wrought.

  • A new president.

  • An uncertain world

  • Year 11 students from my classes who passed their English exams- my first year 11 classes.

  • Completing my Teacher Training year in an outstanding fashion

  • Travelling several countries in Asia for a month in the summer

  • Scuba diving

  • Jumping off a boat in the middle of the ocean

  • Staring my NQT year. Not quitting. At present

  • Having suspected pneumonia that turned out to be asthma

  • Querying my eighth and best novel

  • Working on a book I never thought I would be able to write

  • Decorating our family home for Christmas with my younger brother for the last time for the next two years

  • Deaths.

  • Murders.

  • Black Lives Matter

  • Reading more books in the last two months than I have all year

  • Having a tutor group of 29 year 7s and aging at least 7 years because of it.

  • Starting this blog!

As you may have guessed, the list isn't written chronologically, and it's not that long but man oh man, seeing everything written like that... I refuse to feel like I've failed because I haven't reached certain steps by a certain time. And believe me, if I went by a list I wrote when I was younger, I am failing. BIG TIME. But as a kid, I didn't consider travelling the world, or writing so many full length manuscripts, or jumping off a boat - in a bikini - in the middle of the Asian ocean, and a bunch of other things I accomplished this year.

My goal for 2016 was to be inspired, and in turn, to be inspiring. Even though there have been times I've stayed in bed, I've cried big ugly baby tears, and I've not changed out of my pyjamas. For days. I would say this year has inspired me for next year, and I would like to think that I have been inspiring too.

I was talking with a friend recently about where we were last year- at a local shopping centre spending time with her then boyfriend and our mutual friend- we laughed about how things have changed - her boyfriend is now an ex - and about how things will change again next year.

Rather than allowing myself to be bogged down by a checklist, I think I will again aim for inspiration. This year didn't turn out too badly.