• C Smart

#PitchWars Class of 2017

*Blows of dust*

Hello! So about a month ago, in my last post, I blogged about my book for a competition crafted by brilliant minds, anddddd...

I've been selected by Pitchwars 2016 alumni, Adalyn Grace and Tomi Adeyemi!!! Together we are, TEAMSKULLS. And you guys, you need to check out my boss mentors: Tomi's lauded YA ... and while Adalyn's awesome words are on their way in book form, check out her website where she blogs amazing writing resources and industry advice.

Now, I'm not entirely sure when I heard about Pitch Wars, but I've followed from the side for a few years. It's the genius invention of Brenda Drake, and you can read about it in full here. You can also read my #Pimpmybio post here.

So I wrote a book, an own voices witchy, revenge and betrayal filled murderous little book that had my family giving me the side-eye whenever they read parts. Haha!

So, watch this space for future news about my journey!