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It's July 2018 wtf

I've been absent from all social media, with the exception of Instagram, due to being in a Writing Cave since November. Seriously, I blinked today and realised it's July. Wtf.

There's much to catch up on! I've read some amazing books, written a boat load of words, deleted them, and then written two boat loads more...

For those who follow this blog - Hi! New theme. I like green, and fronds. Also, I have many, many posts coming to this site. There will, of course, be more book reviews. An new edition is that I'll also be updating my writing journey post Pitch Wars, which includes some AMAZING news.

I've decided to post Writing themed stuff on a Wednesday. I hate alliteration - mainly because I could never analyse it in English - but 'Writing Wednesdays' makes me feel like I can't procrastinate 'til Thursday, when book reviews will be featured.

So HI.

Until Wednesday


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