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"If you want to write (and read), become a Math teacher." True or False?

August 13, 2015


I heard that quote during the 2014 NATE conference; it was delivered in good humour by author of the 'Twelve Minutes to Midnight' series, Christopher Edge. A few weeks into teaching at the time of this conference, I laughingly made a comment to a friend that I was still able to write whilst teaching... Oh the sweet naivety of the young and inexperienced.


It is now almost an entire year since I set about creating this website and I am only just completing the design, never mind recording reviews of all the books I have read over the past 10 months!


This academic year ended a month ago and whilst I didn't look as polished on July 23rd as I did on September 4th last year, I made it. As an English teacher. As a reviewer of Books for children (and occasionally adults) I have failed epically.


I have been able to write every now and then, but not to the standard that I am used to. Hopefully, experience in teaching will enable me to better manage my time to write more... It's either that, or another alternative:




I have to plan the lessons I teach (mostly), my lunch the night before and what I am going to wear to work. One thing I never had to plan for, was writing and definitely not reading... but these are dark times ahead.


And one must always plan for them.

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September 11, 2019

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