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Smart ITCOM Announcement vid

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A little about the series

Rayleigh Mann's world is one I cannot wait to introduce you to.

Growing with protagonists throughout a series of books was a staple of my childhood. I can remember the excitement of staying up for midnight releases,  the queues outside bookstores with readers dressed in costume, their excitement for the next instalment palpable. The writing of the Night Things books, this series, recreated that high for me.


In addition to exploring the monstrous city the book is set in, Rayleigh meets a cast of characters, a found family, who are a joy to write. His journey throughout the books is one I wish I could tell you about right now--something that would land me in a lot of trouble with my editor, a scenario Rayleigh is pretty familiar with . . . 

Hints I can definitely provide though: get ready to rethink everything you've ever known about coats; school will be in session eventually, and its campus is out of this world; bad things always come in threes; don't forget to carry the thing you always need when it's dark; if in doubt, always stick to the light; wallpaper and the like are not to be trusted; neither are fairy lights.  

More from me, and this world, soon 

Ciannon x

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